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This page is a simple cover page for the genealogy pages that I've downloaded from David Attride's website ( and uploaded to my web hosting. My interest is mainly the Cress section since it includes the marriage of William Harrison Hughes to Christina Cress.

Here's the entry for my g'g'g'pa William Davis Hughes in my copy of David's database. I have record of William, his older brother, George H. (Civil War Veteran), and his younger brother, Lewis M., marrying 3 Prose sisters. To cite the note in my record at the beginning of the second column of the fourth page:

Note: Willian D. Hughes had two brothers who also married Prose girls ie: Sarah C. -George H. and Nancy Malinda -Lewis M.

I have located a copy of the younger brother's (Lewis Marion) death certificate which lists the brothers' parents.

David's research and record traces my surname back to Jonathan Hughes (1753-1845) who was an American Revoluntary War Veteran. Lieutenant Jonathan Hughes is included in David's database as the father of Anderson Hamilton Hughes.

so: Jonathan Hughes (1753-1845) > Anderson Hamilton Hughes > William Harrison Hughes > William Davis Hughes > Davis Sherman Hughes > Meredith Sherman Hughes (who was my paternal grandfather)

(The list of surnames in the database is extensive too!)

I'll have to take a closer look at this page from Stella Cotrill. David Attride lists her as a source.

These people link back to David's page (so somebody likes him, I suppose) < see my sidebar note

Of course, another point that interests me is who originally emigrated to America and I've searched some ship's passenger lists that I've found online but didn't find anything. I've found someone's page that covers a connection between the Hewes and Tests. There it says:
"Sometime between 1675 and 1679 the great-grandparents of Joseph Hewes--William Hewes and his wife Deborah Pedrick--came to America. Unfortunately we have no actual record of their arrival or of the ship on which they sailed."

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